Mcleodganj Fails To Attract People Due to Basic Recurrent Problems

Mcleodganj view

After the end of the Covid-19 pandemic, travelers start searching for a place for spending their vacations and MCLEODGANJ is of course one of the favorite places of wanderers. But this season due to several reasons like continuous traffic jams, lesser parking facilities, and inadequate paths , McLeodGanj fails to attract visitors this season.

Also, Mcleodganj has been known as a jam-packed tourist place but this season this place seems to face difficulties. A statement has been given by a travel and tour operator, Bipin Rana that the development of theme parks and branded hotels should be developed in and around the city for a better experience for the visitors.

Also, the Dharamshala Skyway, an INR 200 crore ropeway project developed, cuts the travel time to just 5 minutes between the city and Mcleodganj from the usual 45 minutes by road. Another tour operator said the round trip packages which cost up to INR 2500 or more are becoming hard to sell the travelers. Although some relaxation was announced but still it costs hard to accommodate.

The lack of parking facilities in Dharamshala also gives rise to some difficulties to visitors. Many other experts concluded that after being received international attention in association with Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama, the town still not getting that crowd which is needed.

Many hotel owners are worried about the gradual decline in the rate of international travelers and high-spending tourists as they start losing the interest of spending money on luxury stays. Now, the city starts preparing schedules to attract trekkers, paragliding enthusiasts and weekends crowds.

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