River Rafting In Manali

View of river rafting

If you are travelling in Himachal, then you must know about the four rivers that provide opportunities for rafting namely Beas, Chenab, Satluj and Ravi. Manali rafting is usually classified in 6 categories which are as follows:

Beas provides the most ideal and accurate forms of conditions for river rafting, this river originates in the Rohtang pass and it meets Kullu valley on its way.In this river, rafting is done in all the months of the year excluding the conditions of heavy rainfall or extremely low temperature. Best known as wanderers’ favourite place. In the months of June and July, the gathering of people becomes more due to the summer vacations.

The ideal 20 km stretch from Manaki to Jhiri near Bajaura from Bhuntar is one of the best stretches for rafting in Himachal. Pirdi has a dedicated water center of sports which provides a variety of activities related to fun and adventure.

The complete route from Bhuntar to Manali is full of exciting travel activities.There are a large number of rafting offices located in Kullu valley. These offices make sure that all the safety measures which needed are properly executing or not. Also, they hire only professionals and highly practiced skilled persons who know to handle of every emergency situation as well.

Things to carry for rafting:

There are various things that you may carry with you so that your journey becomes free of all difficulties and problems. Related to your belongings, the located offices will make the arrangements to keep your belongings in a safer place. Along with the adventure activities, you will also be allowed to click pictures and make videos.

The list of things which are needed in the river rafting are as follows:


-Personal Medications

-Valid Identity Proof

-Water bottle


-Extra set of clothes

-Waist pouch

-Swiss knife

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