Vibrant Manali Festivals:

1.Doongri Forest Festival: This festival is celebrated in VAN VIHAR NATIONAL PARK and is one of the famous among the local women who organize as well as volunteer it together.In this festival, various activities like singing, dancing,gathering and more happens all over the area and the place becomes full of fresh and positive energies.They all celebrate this festival with full of happiness and respect in order to pay their regards to the goddess, Hidimba Devi.

Time :May

Highlight:Local women of the area participates actively and makes all the arrangements.

2.Hadimba Devi Fair:The faith system of Manali is based on Goddess Hadimba and therefore the Hadimba Temple is counted amongst the must visit tourist attractions in Manali.

During the spring season, the whole placed is filled with colorful flowers.The fair is organized in the temple that stands tall amidst cedat tress.

Time: During spring Season

Highlights: Various cultural activities happen in the event.

3.Losar Festival:This festival is one of the most celebrated festival amongst the Tibetan community of Manali.In this festival,you’ll see people in their traditional clothes.Together,they recreate the wedding day of a local princess with Lord Padamsambhava.During the start of the month of February,the people who are a part of it can be seen getting completely indulged in different rituals and arrange for all the necessary things required for the wedding.

Time: March

Highlight: This is a great platform to witness the lively culture of Tibetan community who participate who heartedly in this festival.

4. Winter carnival:It happens during that time when the town is fully covered with snow and people are seen getting indulged in various adventurous winter sport activities.

The chills of the winter season are compensated by the warmth of people as well as cultural activities that keep happening.You also get to learn a lot about the food culture of Manali.


Highlights: You can try out many winter activities by enrolling in them during this event.

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