5 Places to visit this season in Mandi:

1.)Prashar lake: Along with the view of relaxation and comfort, this lake also provides the overall background for the people who loves to take photograph and want to make blogs.The periphery is mostly covered with the thick cedar tress and this greenery makes travellers to spend more and more time around there.If  you want to spend your time with peace,enthusiasm and adventure ,then this will surely be your destination.

The details related to its location are listed below:

Location:D.P.F,Parashar Dhar,Himachal Pradesh 175005

Famous for: Trekking,sightseeing and temples.

2.)Rewalsar Lake:The periphery of this lake is covered with the mountains and and the area is a little bit crowded there. Having the shape like square ,this lake is situated exactly in the middle of the dense poplualtion area and the locals love to spend their time mostly in evenings.Located at a hieght of about 1360 metres,this lake is also famous with the name of Tso-Pema,which locally means in Mandi, it is one of the best places to visit.Having the refreshing and natural beauty at this place, the hindu temples namely temple of Lord Shiva,Lord Krishna, Saga lomas ,gurudwaras and a huge statue of Padmasambhava which attract travellers much.

Location:Rewalsar ,Himachal Pradesh 175023

Famous For: Trekking,sightseeing etc.

3.)Dehnasar Lake:During extreme cold season, because of low temperature ranges,the water inside this lake usually becomes freezed and one can see the mesmerizing view of the frozen water with some chilling sort of air waves.The peaceful environment here gives travellers a way of spending more and more time.It lies 14,040 ft above the sea level.In winter months, make sure that you will have all the winter stuff carries with you.Blizzards and hailstorms are common in the area so you, must avoid going aroumd this place in winter season.

Location:Dehnasar, Himachal Pradesh 176125

Fomous for:Trekking

4.)Pandoh Dam: In 1977, Pandoh dam is constructed on Beas river, the structure and the design made by the engineers enhances its overall beauty and gives us a beautiful view to remember, if you loves to spend time in experiencing the live beauty of dams,then this place will surely give you thrill and excitement.Also, white water rafting is clearly seen in the lower beds of the lake.

Location:NH21,Uba,Himachal Pradesh 175004

5.)Barot Dam:Barot Dam was built during the British period of time and it is covered by the cedar and pine foests.The design completely resembles with the ancient mounments in our country.

Location:Mandi ,Himachal Pradesh

Famous for:Sightseeing

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