This season, explore the beauty of Chail:

Chail is known for its evergreen,natural beauty and also famous as the heart of Himachal Pradesh.In the nineteenth century,the city was founded by the Maharaja of Patiala.

Snowfall,peaceful environment, and green trees enhance the overall beauty of the place and makes it one of the favourite destinations of Himachal.

Weather in Chail during Winters:

In the winter season, the waves become too frizzy and chilled and the travellers love spending time in this season The winter period starts from November and lasts upto mid march.In extreme winter seasons,the temperature generally drops to 1 degree Celsius. During snowfall, one can expect the roads and the surrounding area covered with white snow.

Top places to visit in Chail:

1.)Chail Wildlife Sanctuary:

Variety of species of flora and fauna can be seen in this area.Hunting was later banned by the govt of India.Beautiful place to spend time with your loved one’s.

2.)Kali Temple:The trek to Kali temple in winters is somehow covered with the snow flakes and it is situated at a small hilltop.View of the white snow and the ambrosial valley will take you to the extreme happiness and joy.Kali Ka Tibba is almost 2 km away from the main city.


It is a small type village with a fair population and a peaceful environment.It lies around 4 km away from the main city and is on the way to Solan.It is situated along the gorgeous hilly river Ashwin.The village is covered with heavy mist and surrounding mountains will be a snow clad.This is an incredible picnic spot on the Banks of the river Ashwin.

4.) Sidh Baba Temple:

During snnowtime, this temple is one of the most famous attraction for the travellers.This temple is built by Maharaja Bhupinder Singh,also known as Maharaja of Patiala.The area is surrounded by tall dense Cedar trees and the whole surrounding of the temple gets snow clad in peak winters.The tranquility and serenity of this place will make it a very blissful visit to this temple.

5.)Cricket ground of Chail:

It is one of the famous stadiums of Himachal and travellers love to spend time here with their loved ones.The ground has sufficient width and the overall area is also sufficient with respect to players..Along with the cricket ground,Chail stadium also has one of the highest polo ground in the state.

6.)Himalayan Nature Park:

This is an incredible wildlife park situated near Kufri.You can see different types of leopards and tigers.

This is also a home to many Tibetan”s animal species including the Tibetan Wolf.This is a paradise for bird water as the park houses almost 180 different species of exquisite birds.

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