4 Places to visit in Dalhousie this season:

From the experience and the feedback given by the visitors, this place has been popularly known as “Switzerland Of India”, the beauty, the embrace and the mountaineering view of the place attracts more and more travelers as the time proceeds. There are some places to visit in Dalhousie which are most popular among travellers:

1.)Garam Sadak:

Covered all around with green and dense trees, this place will surely provides you excitement as well as fun.The name given for this sadak is derived from the temperature ranges because of the warm and hotter waves that are being circulated here.It provides a wide view of beautiful mountains and also sometimes snowfall.It has some shops and restaurants also that proves to be a paradise for the street food lovers.

Famous for:Watching the sunset

Location:Dalhousie Village

Distance from General Post Office:.26 kilometres.

2).Devi Dehra Rock Garden:

Inaugurated in 1997, this little garden overlooking the majestic mountains was created by diverting the flow of a natural hill stream, and is a must on your list of places to visit in Dalhousie in December. It is a tranquil and relaxing spot away from the otherwise crowded Dalhousie, and is perfect for nature enthusiasts and photographers.

It is also an exceptional spot for birdwatchers who can catch a glimpse of the yellow billed blue magpie or the Himalayan bulbul, also known as the white-cheeked bulbul.

Famous For: Relaxing and clicking pictures
Location: Devi Dehra, Dalhousie
Distance From Dalhousie: 17 kilometers
Entry Fee: Free

3.) Norwood Paramdham:

This religious site is an ashram dedicated to Swami Satyanand. It is famous as the place where Swami Satyanand stayed in Dalhousie and started Ram Sharnam, a spiritual sect.

Apart from its soothing aura, this place is also ideal for watching a breathtaking sunset that makes it one marvel at the unparalleled beauty of nature.

Famous For:Sunset watching
Location: Bakrota Hill
Distance from Gandhi Chowk: 5 kilometers
Entry Fee: Free

4.) St. Patrick’s Church:

Built in 1909, this beautiful church from the British era boasts of sublime interiors and emanates a calming atmosphere. It is a divine space that is surrounded by beautiful pine trees that offer a sight to behold.

Perfect for basking in nature’s glory, this church is one of the best places to visit in Dalhousie in December.

Famous For: Special prayer sessions
Location: Subhash Chandra Road, Cantt Area, Dalhousie
Distance From City Bus Stand: 3 kilometers
Timings: All days – 7 am to 7 pm

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