Spiti in Winters is full of fun and excitement:

Spiti in winters is completely different from that of summer.The vast mountains,deep terrains,the stretch of barren landforms and patches of green are entirely shrouded in a seamless sheet of snow.In winters,the roads and the surrounding is completely covered with white snow and the view is just memorable for the travellers visiting Spiti valley.

Climate of Spiti in winter:

The perfect time to visit this starts from October and ends on March.The average temperature during daytime is -10 degrees when snowfall flourishes at its best.The months of October to December experience Least sunshine but mostly the conditions are cloudy ,foggy and there’s plenty of snowfall around.Ocassionally,during December to January,the temperature at night falls even below -30 degree Celsius.

Things to do In Spiti in Winters:

If Your destination is Spiti, then it will be adventure in itself because the weather conditions,the environment and the activities available here will be full of fun.

Camping in the extreme conditions would only teach you a thing or two about the survival in the lesser trodden terrains.Here are a few things that you can look upto while planning a trip to Spiti in winter:



-Frozen waterfall climbing

-Spotting a snow leopard

Common problems in Spiti in Winters:

Spiti in winters is all about survival instincts and how smartly you can tackle when nature tests you on different levels.Electricity ,sub-zero temperature,issues related to basic facilities and other daily needs would leave you want as you take to this Trans-Himalayan mountain region.

-No electricity

-even when there is electricity,phones,laptops,camera batteries won’t charge.

-No mobile signals available.

-Few stay options only with basic facilities.

-No water in Toilets.

-Lack of food options with basic facilities.

-No fellow tourists and few locals in sight to help you.

-Medical help may not be available easily.

How to reach Spiti in winter:

By air:Bhuntar airport is the closest you can get to Spiti.From there you have to travel by road to get to Spiti.Mostly private vehicles are available from Bhuntar to Spiti via Manali. By Road:There is no railway service in the valley and the only way to reach Spiti in Winters is by road

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