5 Adventure Sports In Kochi That Will Give You Fun and Adventure In 2022:

Kochi is Known for its evergreen natural beauty and the reason it became most popular among travellers is the adventure activities available in the area.If you also planning to spend your vacations with trill, excitement and joy ,then here are the top places that give you a way of engaging yourself in various activities:

1.Scuba Diving

2.Water Skiing

3.Beach And Backwater Cycling


5.Banana Ride

-Scuba Diving:

Since Kochi is situated on the waterfront,it is obvious to have various water sports activities.Here, you have the privilege of taking photos as well as videos near watery areas.For enjoying this activity, you need not to be a trained swimmer.For the security as well as help, you will be given one coach diver who will give you suggestions as well as directions in case of new travellers.It starts at Scuba Kochi Drive centre and ends there as well.

Location:Statue road,Chullickal,Kochi,Kerela

Price:Starts from INR 6000

-Water Skiing:

 Speaking of Water related adventure sports in Kochi ,water skiing is a must.The far spread water tranquil waters  and the tide waves are the reasons that will give you thrill as well as excitement.For the security reasons, a professional trainer is also given to the visitors.The feeling of flying over the water is one of the unique feature in the area.

Location:Cherai Beach,Munambam Rd,

Price:Starts from INR 2250

-Beach And Backwater Cycling:

For different types of meditation and exercises,this place will surely be your destination.The calm air waves,cool environment and the crystal clear sky view gives you the feeling of freshness and excitement.

Location:Fact Qts ,C 59 PO Udyogamandal,Kochi

Price:starts from INR 4800


Because it uses a Kayak to move about in the water , this place is famous by its name.For giving more fun and excitement, you will be given a trainer or coach who will guide you in the entire journey at the area.Timing are nearly about 7 am and goes upto 6 pm and the gathering of people starts here from around 10 am.


Princess St ,Fort Nagar ,Fort Kochi,

Price:Starts from INR 1000

-Banana Ride:

This is a type of activity which can be done individually as well as in a group.During the activity ,you get a detailed and beautiful view of the shorelines.This is one of the most famous and thrill type of activity in Kochi and it starts early in the morning time.The managing unit is also available who takes care of all the schedules and timing.

Location:Cherai Beach,Kuzhuppilly ,Kerela

Price:Starts from INR 500                                                                                                                                               

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