Famous Foods Of MEGHALAYA:

Meghalaya is also known as the “seven sisters in India” that showcase the scenery of the Nort Eastern Region.Since,there is a significant influence of the three major tribes,Khasi,Jaintia, and Garo,the locals of Meghalaya have a distinct cooking style.Here is a well-crafted list of 7 dishes you must try on a food spree in Meghalaya.

Here is a list of famous foods that are available in the market :


It is a type of steamed rice that is loved by the Khasi people of Meghalaya in their breaksfast,lunch or dinner.The recipe includes special powered rice that is cooked on medium heat in a unique type black terracotta pot called Khiew Ranei.The dish is free from spices and natives like to team it with a wholesome gravy that includes pork,chicken or vegetables.


Thinking of a rich flavaoured red rice cooked with chopped vegetables,pork and some aromatic spices, then Jadoh will surely be your choice of selection..If you really fond of biryani from North India,you are most likely to get over heels with Jadoh.


Momos is a type of Chinese food which is available in the different parts of our country but you will find some unique taste with a smell of peaceful environment here.Local food stalls are available here all over the state where Vegetarians as well as Non-vegetarians can enjoy momos with pork filling.ML 05 Café,Lamee restaurant,House of Momo and Tibet kitchen Restaurant are some of the best spots in Shilong offering these appetising dumplings.


Pukhlien is a Flavoursome sweet type of dish that is made specially during Wangala Festival.Pukhlien is mainly prepared with only two ingredients :rice powder and jaggery.The mixture of these is fried together to make the golden brown crispy bread.You can enjoy the prefect dish with your loved ones in the locals as well as some unique type of restaurants also.


Kyat is a very famous Meghalaya drink, a beer that is made from fermented rice.In the preparation of Kyat,the ingredients are put to a boil in water that intensifies its unique flavour.

Further,the drink is garnished with local ingredients.

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