Indigo Launches 32 New Connecting Flights Between India And Europe:

From December 7,the flights to Milan,Manchester,Birmingham,Rome and Venice will be started.It has been known that Indigo has partnership with Turkish airlines in this business strategy.The main aim is to provide more options and add capacity for the customers who are willing to travel from India to Europe.

This process will enhance the international connectivity between the two countries.Also, Indigo has announced 32 new connecting flights to Milan,Manchester,Birmingham,Rome and Venice which will be effective from 7th December.The options and capacity for the customers travelling will be increased to a higher level.

Speaking at press conference, Vinay Malhotra,Head of Global sales,Indigo said,”We are extremely pleased to add more options as well as capacity for the travellers going from India to Europe during this holiday season.These new routes will not only strengthen International connectivity but also give better chances of affordability for travel to Europe.

They assured to give affordable fares,on-time performances,courteous and hassle-free service.These destinations are the main sources of attraction for the travellers throughout the year.Milan is an alpha global city famous for its art,history,architecture and football, as well as extraordinary fashion and culinary scenes.

Rome is popularly known as “cradle of Western civilization and Christianity”, and the centre of the Catholic Church.It is also known for its historical monuments and destinations like the Colosseuym,St Peter’s Basilica,Castel Sant’Angelo,Ponte Sant Angelo,Trevi Fountain,Roman Forum,Piazza Navona,The Spanish Steps,Vatican Museums and the Pantheon.

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