Backpackers Hotspot-Kasol-A Beautiful Place To Visit:

If you are ready to make your vacations more exciting, adventurous and enjoyable, then this serene village which is about 42 kms away from the Bhuntar Airport will surely be your destinations. In the last few years, there has been a rapid increase in the number of Backpackers for Kasol. The Himachal Transport Corporation has improved the conditions of local roads as well as connecting paths in the nearby famous places in Kasol. The overall weather conditions, transport facilities, accommodation ease and the natural greenery view are the few reasons why Kasol is becoming so famous among travellers in the world.

Best time to visit Kasol:

Despite of pleasant weather conditions all over the year, but if you really love to experience the waterfall, snowfall and the white snow vision across the roads and surroundings, then you should choose winter months starting from September to January.

Best Places to Visit In Kasol:


Once visited Kasol, another village that should be remembered is Tosh. It is located about 18-20 kms away from the market area of Kasol. The connecting roads are not well managed, so avoid travelling with buses and heavy vehicles in the nearby places and select local cabs for travelling. There are several famous shops also to visit. Besides this there are some famous cafes and restaurants that offers delicious foods and drinks that is mostly loved by tourists. The view of sunrise and sunset resembles the beautiful picture which should be seen if visited Tosh. If you love to take pictures, then Tosh will surely offers you with some great memories to remember.


Want to explore the scenic beauty of villages and treks around kasol, make kasol as your destination. It is located about 21 kms away from Kasol. If you really want to enjoy the rural culture, then you should visit Malana. It has been said that the architecture and design show some composite behavior of European and Indian culture.

Famous and best Cafés in Kasol:

Stone garden Café:

Having the atmosphere of natural green trees and some delicious foods choices, this café should be visited once. Offering 24 hours facility as well as convenient prices ,the overall rating of this Café is pretty good.

The Evergreen cafe:

The view of this café is extremely beautiful and the chilled air waves can be easily experienced by the people visiting here. A beautiful church is also there which enhances the overall beauty of the place. The average cost for two is approx. Rs 500.

Moon dance Café:

Specialized in bakery products as well as some Chinese foods, this café offers other delicious products also. The average cost for two is approx. Rs 600.

Buddha Place:

With the soothing sound of Himachal-music and some extra gorgeous interiors, this café should be in your bucket list. The average cost for the two is approx. Rs 700.

Alpine Guest House café:

Having the view of Parvati River flowing just in some distance from the café, it also offers some extra delicious sweets and some famous North-Indian foods. The approx. cost for two is Rs 400 to 500.

Famous Dishes of Kasol You Must try:

1.)Shalom La Malkah:

It is a type of dessert that is mostly loved by the tourists as well as the is also famous with the name of “Hello to the Queen”. At the bottom of the dessert, there comes a thick layer of hot chocolate and above that it contains some biscuit crumbs and these crumbs are filled with caramelized banana.At the top surface,there are some scoops of vanilla ice cream also and in overall the dish will surely adds some extra sweetness in your mouth which will be remembered.


This meal is prepared by the Brahmin people of the locality an it is very famous among the pahadi people. It is made by mixing red kidney beans also known as rajma with curd well as rice. The dish is generally served on plates made up of leaves and the overall smell of these leaves made plates enhances the beauty of the dish.

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