Bir Biling- A Famous Place To Visit

Bir is a Himachal Pradesh”s precious and impeccable gift for the travellers who want to spend their vacations for relaxation, comfort and adventure.With a population of only few thousands of the Tibetans and Indians, this place is actually less crowded for the tourists and they enjoy spending more and more days in BIR village. Known for the best paragliding site in Himachal, it also offers some great sightseeing of waterfall, snowfall ,hiking spots, hiking trails etc. With respect to food and cafes, it offers some great variety of delicious foods that can’t be ignored once visited.

BIR temperature and best time to visit :

If you love to experience the calm and peaceful sounds of winds that hits by the mountains, then the monsoon months starting from june to august will be perfect for you. The temperature ranges between 10- 15 degree Celsius in these months. But for experiencing the fun of paragliding , one should avoid these months because of high speed winds blowing and some other bad weather conditions.

For experiencing the chilled air waves, moments of snowfall and waterfall, one should select winter months for their journey.As per the records, the peak tempearture here goes up to 33 degree Celsius and the minimum temperature goea till 6 degree celcius.

Things to do in BIR:


It has been said that the mountain town of BIR offers the best and most convienient experience of paragliding all over the country.

Bir billing paragliding has a duration of 25-30 minutes whereas flight offers the view of pine forests,rugged Himalayas and the beautiful mountaineering view. The approximate price for paragliding is INR 1800 to 2400 and the cost also depends upon the different factors like weather, availability of the location etc. The process is very simple, you just have to book a suitable time slot and after paying a minimum amount of token-price ,the concerned company will give you a trained professional and all the necessary equipment.

Note: If you really want to capture the beautiful moments of sunrise and sunset ,then you must try this town as your destination for sure.

2.)BIR 360 trek:

Apart from the view of hills, snowfall and pine forests greenery ,another best thing to explore is the beginner’s trek to the Rajgundha valley. As the name signifies, the trek offer a unique and a full 360 drgrees view of the Rajgundha valley. The snow-clad mountains, some chilled air waves and the dense green forests are some features that enhances the overall beauty of the place.

3.)Experiencing the hidden waterfall:

For climbing big rocks that are immersed in water and to enjoy hiking with some more dead ends, then this place is surely be in your bucket-list.

4.)Camping in billing:

With the view of mountains and dense forest, one can also enjoy the calm, peaceful environment outside of these forests and enjoy the camping moments with your loved ones.

Cafes and foods you must try:


This cafe is owned by a couple who permanently shifted to Himachal from Tamil Nadu and they welcomes their customer with full of excitement, respect and love and this is the reason why it gained so much popularity in Himachal.

2.)The northern cafe:

It is located above the paragliding landing site with a beaitiful view of lakes and mountains.The overall design, architrctute and the environment is pretty good and they have some great choices of Northern foods,chinese goods and some famous sweets also.





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